Technical Services
Experts in installing, testing, commissioning and servicing
Our technical department is built on a solid foundation of seasoned veterans. Technicians and project managers have years of hands‐on experience in installing, testing, commissioning and servicing both wired and wireless systems. By associating with accredited training centers, providing disciplined in-house training and implementing a business quality management system, our clients can trust our competence even when scaling quickly. Azimuth Telecom Services technicians are ‘Approved Service Providers’ for suppliers Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and Samsung.
Rack installation
Cable tray installation
Power cable laying
Trunk and fiber cable laying
Internal connections
Battery installation/removal
Cabinet installation
Fibre optic cabling
Fusion splices
All types of fibre optic systems
Drive Testing
With over 1000’s of cell sites drive tested, whether our clients use their own application or TEMS to analyse and troubleshoot RAN coverage, our skilled technicians can get this done with ease.
Commissioning and
Acceptance Testing
Testing is performed efficiently and professionally by our qualified technicians to provide customers with an accurate assessment of the equipment’s performance, such as:

RF System

Transmission equipment

Power Systems