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Azimuth Telecom Services (formerly Azimuth Services) is a privately owned and operated company and has been established since 2003. Recognized as Canada’s most established service provider for cellular antenna alignment, we also offer a wide range of services to all major carriers across Canada.

Our dedicated team of field technicians, personnel and management staff all have extensive experience in several facets of the telecommunication industry. We strive to provide a quality of service that exceeds our customer’s expectations, from Health and Safety compliance to project deadlines while providing cost efficient solutions.

Our aim to provide the highest quality of service and rapid crew deployment has always set us apart. Combined with our partners, the Azimuth team is aligned to meet the changing needs of our clients.
Our Mission
Our Mission
Azimuth Telecom Services is committed to offering services that meet the requirements of its clientele and to offer exceptional after-sales services. Our clientele is the raison d'être of our company and is always our priority. Our goal is to remain the national leader in cellular antenna alignment while continuing to develop our offer of specialized services in the fields of fiber optics, Wi-Fi, DAS, structured cabling, inspections and technical services, as well as to promote innovative solutions to meet the needs and challenges of our clients.
Est. 2003
Founded in 2003, Azimuth Telecom Services has developed and patented an innovative method to set panel antenna alignment to the highest degree of accuracy. With this, the guesswork and inaccuracies have been removed from RF coverage footprints thereby empowering RF engineers to design networks with confidence.
The company is proud of its safety culture, growth and relationship with its customers. Our aim to provide the best quality of service and rapid crew deployment has always set us apart.
Emphasizing commitment, safety, teamwork, client satisfaction and trust, Azimuth Telecom Services employs a quality management approach for the execution of all projects and we always guarantee our work.
With the growth of the company, our unique diversity in various industry disciplines gives us the ability to offer a variety of personalized services to our clients. From pre-design site audits and tower inspections through to technical commissioning and integration, our experienced team of inspectors and technicians have your needs covered.
Our Values
We base our development on the involvement and collaboration of our employees and we create structures that promote exchanges to ensure that best practices are implemented.

To create and maintain a climate that promotes well-being in the workplace, it is essential to treat our colleagues and customers respectfully and fairly, while being attentive to everyone's needs.

To remain competitive, we strive to encourage new ideas by maintaining a process of continuous improvement. We believe in human potential and ensure that we implement projects to improve our processes.
Doing the right things,
together. Open-minded.
Challenge yourself. Be creative.
Aim for the best solution.
Respect yourself. Respect others.
Behave to make everyone proud.
It’s always good to win,
in the right way.
Have fun, be humble.
Use intelligent humour.
Encourage. Be positive.
Laugh a lot.
Azimuth Telecom Services is proud of its safety culture and relationship with its customers. Our business relies on every employee being committed to safety and following our established safety procedures.

By choosing leading training facilities for our 3rd party tower rescue and rope access accreditations, then adding in-house training and recertification on our mockup structures, our climbing teams have resources well trained and up to date with current rescue procedures.

As a responsible employer, we ensure that each team member is committed to promoting and exercising a safe approach to work under all circumstances. This approach represents the best guarantee of continuous improvement in our health and safety process.
Our Management Team
Luc Nadon
VP of Business Development
Jean-Francois Heroux
National Director
Rory Olenroot
Director for Central/Eastern Region
Mathew Koziell
Director for Western Region
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