Antenna Alignment
The trusted choice of carriers and contractors since 2003
Wireless network performance and RF safety both rely on tightly implemented RF specifications. With our antenna alignment and site audit services, our clients can rely on RF specifications being correctly implemented, tracked and reported. The Azimuth team has been the trusted choice of carriers and contractors for years. Combined with our Safety Code 6 audits and data management capabilities, our clients can have confidence that their sites meet the requirements of the CRTC.

Azimuth Telecom Services utilizes the same sophisticated methods for GPS triangulation and error correction as found in professional surveying environments. Because of this, we can offer centimeter-level precision for our customers with the reassurance of professional results. We have built a good relationship with both carriers as well as general contractors who see the value of a 3rd party antenna alignment service. Contractors lower their overhead while carriers receive the results they need to implement effective performance enhancements.
Data Management
As cellular networks scale up to meet future demands of autonomous systems, the data used in RF optimization and coverage also becomes critical. At Azimuth Telecom Services, we use industry leading software tools and data management systems to capture and present our audit data in a real time, cloud based environment.
Client Access Database
Your data should be reliable, secure and accessible. Through our client database portal, stakeholders can access our site survey and alignment results with ease and confidence. The data we capture is stored on a secure server that is live 24/7. Your implementation teams have the data they need to troubleshoot site performance whenever they need it.
Safety Code 6
As more RF spectrum is utilized to support the 5G deployment, Complex RF models are becoming more reliant on accurate input data. With our 3rd party site audits, we capture and deliver the site data you need to have confidence in your SC6 models.