Inspection Services
Since 2012, Azimuth Telecom Services has been providing carriers, tower owners and engineering firms with a reliable tower inspection and audit service. With thousands of towers inspected across the country, we have grown to become a trusted inspection service provider.
CSA Inspections
As a national inspection services provider, Azimuth Telecom Services has been involved in national and regional inspection projects for many carriers and tower owners. There is strength in numbers. Our team of tower inspectors has produced thousands of tower inspections to the satisfaction of our clients.
Aerial Drone Surveys
With the continually evolving laws around aerial drone work, partnering with recognized and experienced subcontractors is a critical component to successfully integrating aerial drones into telecommunication surveys. By working with industry leaders who are on the cutting edge of drone surveys, Azimuth Telecom Services is able to provide our clients with the peace of mind that the job is being done in full compliance with local and federal transportation safety requirements.
Digital Results
The volume of structures in our clients’ portfolio demands an effective way to manage deficiencies and maintenance costs. Our inspection results are available in both traditional formats as well as cloud based providing our client with the flexibility and power to manage large inspection programs. Our clients can directly query and import inspection results and monitor progress directly from our cloud based data management tools.
Pre-design & Post Construction
Carriers, tower owners and contractors rely on accurate design drawings to ensure builds and upgrades are executed on time and on budget. Azimuth Telecom Services works closely with engineering firms to provide accurate pre-design audit to draft design details. We also follow up with signed and sealed post construction inspections that meet the highest standards.
Installation Quality Audit
As a third party auditor, maintaining a neutral position allows us to provide valuable feedback and reporting on equipment installation quality. Our experienced technicians will provide you with an accurate picture of your site installation quality. Combined with our data management capabilities, you can review the results one site at a time or find trends in your build programs.